Antonio left for wildland firefighting work today…the first call he’s taken this season since he didn’t want to leave any time around my due date and certainly not during our first few weeks with Emetaly. It was really difficult for me to say goodbye and I know we are going to miss him immensely. I already do. This will help set us up financially for the fall, though, which is really important. My heart just feels his absence greatly.
Here’s to hoping the next two weeks pass swiftly & he’ll be back home with us before we know it!

What does your tattoo say (across your chest), sorry if this is a weird question or too personal, I hope your baby is well and growing healthily, you seem like a great mum, I actually hope I'm as good of a mum as you one day

I don’t think its weird- I get this question all the time. It says ‘IT WILL SET YOU FREE.’ :) And thank you, that puts so much joy in my heart to hear!! Lovin you!

Happy 1 month birthday to Emetaly and 1 month of motherhood to you, friend! :)

Thank you so much :) I am loving being a mama, especially since I’m her mama… ;) sending love!

Hi :) sorry if this is too personal.. How is your vagina after giving birth? Did you tear at all? How is the healing? Much light x

No, not at all, love! I actually think this is something women who have given birth should talk about more openly so that the women who haven’t can be less fearful of the unknown and be exposed to stories that aren’t just horror stories, if that makes sense?
I didn’t tear, I only had a slight abrasion and I am all healed up(its been four weeks since I gave birth). We haven’t had sex with actual penatration yet but from what I can tell my lovely yoni has completely returned to its original size and shape! How incredibly well-built and magical the female vessel is. :)
Lovin you!

I made an instagram, just for funsies…kinda feelin’ it out & seeing how I feel about it for now.
Follow me @earthenempress :)

Who are your favorite mamas to follow? Cc:

I actually have been feeling like I need more, so if you are a mama/mama-to-be please like this post!
The mama blogs I currently follow and love are as follows:


birth story ♥


Thinking about the birth of my daughter brings many different emotions. I was almost forty two weeks pregnant and was sure of the kind of birth that I wanted. I pictured myself waking up in the middle of the night to soaked sweet smelling sheets and rhythmic contractions. I would make my…

This is beautiful! Loving you, mama :)

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