Ta-da! Power of manifestation~

Antonio got his first call for firefighting, so even though he couldn’t go to that one since he’s still in Cali, we are heading north Thursday so he can be ready for the next call.
Which means!!!!! 1. He will be in Oregon to stay(aside from any firefighting work that may take him elsewhere, which would only be for a max of two weeks at a time). 2. I get to ride home with him, as opposed to having to find a rideshare. 3. I will be home in time for Apple Jam!! :D
So, needless to say, I am quite stoked.
This trip has been such a blessed experience so far, in an abundance of ways, and I’m feeling very at peace with all that is, and may possibly be.
I’m really happy I decided to put my faith in the Universe and take a chance on coming down here.
Blessed be~

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